Drawing Closer Together

Referral Procedure.

We accept both planned placements and emergency referrals out-of-office hours.  After initial enquiries are made and the necessary referral paperwork received from the placing authority, we assess this to ascertain whether we are able to offer a suitable placement to the young person.  At this point further information and support plans or other relevant LAC materials are requested in order to evaluate the needs of the young person alongside those of the young people already in our care.  Upon acceptance of an offer of placement, an initial visit can be made to assist in the transition process and help the young person familiarise themselves with their new home.

On admission, the young person is encouraged to bring their personal belongings, if appropriate, and personalise their bedrooms.  The young person will also receive a Welcome Pack providing all of the necessary information surrounding the placement in a child-friendly format. 

Throughout the young person’s stay with Child First, we will strive to maintain regular communication between the young person, the placing authority and the care team.  Reports are provided for all statutory reviews and on request from placing authorities.