Accommodation is provided in large detached properties comprising spacious bedrooms, reception/dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, lounge and meeting room.  The houses are maintained and decorated to a high standard, taking the young people’s tastes and styles into account.  Our homes are large enough to give each young person their own space.

We strive to provide a homely atmosphere and family-like environment, thereby minimising the appearance of ‘institutionalism’ with thoughtful furnishings and a sensitive approach to meeting the standards established by the Fire Department and Environmental Health.

All young people are given space and privacy in their own rooms and are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms whilst keeping their personal space clean and tidy to a reasonable degree.

If deemed appropriate, young people have full access to the kitchen facilities and, according to their age and support plans, have the opportunity to cook meals together with a member of staff.

Our young people are expected to eat together at mealtimes and encouraged to use this time to discuss issues and improve their social skills.  Family and friends of the young people in our care are welcome to visit and stay for the occasional meal (subject to agreement by the social worker).

Our accommodation also has a spacious lounge providing the opportunity for our young people to socialise and relax.  We provide a television, DVD player and computer games, whilst encouraging other activities to avoid ‘couch potato’ syndrome!  Alternative activities include swimming, horse riding, golf and other sports.