Welcome to Child First

Established in 2000, Child First provides residential support within spacious detached homes in the West Sussex area. We offer 52-week placements for children and young people aged 8 to 16 years exhibiting challenging behaviour and have a long and successful track record in assisting those in crisis to establish some consistency and continuity in their care.

Our Mission Statement

Child First aims to provide a consistent and caring environment in which young people feel safe and secure.  The welfare of the young people in our care is paramount.  Our objective is that their experience with Child First will enhance their sense of self-worth giving them the opportunity to develop respect for themselves and others.

We understand the need for a permanent and stable home to meet the needs of young people and to help them reach their potential.  Child First aims to help the young people in our care to secure permanency in their lives.  We will assist them in returning to their immediate families when appropriate or help prepare them to move on and maintain a placement within a substitute family.

If necessary, we aim to provide a planned and supported path to more independent living. We are able to offer support to young people aged 8 to 16 years of either gender. Our experienced team aims to effectively manage challenging behaviours and employ strategies and techniques to support young people that have suffered emotional turmoil.